Sun & Moon was started by Escolastica Femandes approximately 28 years ago and is presently run by her son Sanjay Fernandes and his family. Known for her dedication, hard work and sincerity, the enterprising woman who ventured into the restaurant business after initially working for one, is an inspiration to proprietor Sanjay and his family. “The name ESCO is the short form of her name Escolastica. Our mother was popularly known as Escos by our foreign guests at Palolem where we ran a shack before starting here and therefore I named the restaurant in her name which now serves as a deserving tribute to her,” informs Sanjay.





Why Sun & Moon and Sanjay puts in

“To this place, Sun means son and moon, my mum-its about a mother and his son. That is the bonding of the words in my view and therefore the name.”

why us?

Acclaimed as the top amongst shacks and restaurants in Benaulim and visited by a host of Indian and foreign tourists as well as locals throughout the season, Sun & Moon is known  particularly for its good food, for maintaining quality and hospitality that deserves accolades. “Again, it is my mother who instilled these qualities in me and the staff. She always gave priority to quality and good will besides hygiene and discipline,” says Sanjay proudly.

While the regular guests flock during the season, the new visitors leave the place swearing to visit the place again – such is the ambience and the hospitality at Sun & Moon. Sun & Moon is popular for its authentic Goan sea food delicacies. The best of Goan sea food cuisine is served here. It is also known for its mouth watering tandoors and kebabs. Besides a variety of continental dishes are served here with prompt and efficiency. The restaurant opens at 9 am and closes at 11 pm. The Indian musical evenings organized during peak tourists season serves as an additional feature of the restaurant which is known far and wide.